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Zhou Feng

Zhou Feng is a Professor and the Dean of School of Arts and Design at Hubei University of Technology, China. He is a Board Member of Design Committee, China Packaging Design Association, Hubei Youth Union, Hubei Technology and Fine Arts Association. Zhou graduated from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts and used to be a visiting scholar at China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Koln International School of Design, and California State University Sacramento. His research mainly focused on design management, design plan, typography, and information design. Zhou has published some monographs, such as ‘Fundamental of Typography’, ‘Typography Design’, ‘Pattern Design’, and ‘Estate Logo Design’. Published more than 40 academic papers, he still actively hosts many national funding projects. Some of his projects include China National Social Science Funds of Art, China National Funds of Art, and China Ministry of Education Funds of Social Sciences. As the Founder and Art Director of Hubei One Peak Culture Media Ltd., Zhou has conducted more than 20 art exhibitions. His design works has achieved lots of design awards, both in national and international level.

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