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Intercultural Academic International Forum (IAIF) is an academic platform to accomodate intercultural aspect in Higher Education Institution (HEI) internationally.

This Forum is expected to initiative various collaborative activities with intercultural approach in order to develop appreciation of visual arts amongst  different countries. IAIF foresees the manifestation of creativity in various forms such as collaborative project, academic mobility, and contextual discourse through visual art concept and artifact.

Initiated by Creative Advertising Program in School of Design – Binus University, in 2016. IAIF has successfully collaborated with many international universities. The forum will continually propose new themes and issues to be responded from art perspective. IAIF is archive to record diverse methods of concept, technique, material, and aesthetic experience. Subsequently, it will be a valuable documentation for its contributors, especially in development of visual art curriculum.

Aside from annual Exhibition, IAIF also opens possibilities to other collaborative projects, such as Global Class Project, Guest Lecture, Workshop, Online Exhibition, Research Initiative, etc.