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Thomas Mical

Thomas Mical is a Professor of Architectural Theory and the Head of School of Design at the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Graduated from Harvard University and Georgia Institute of Technology, he has researched and taught design studios, research methods, modern architecture, urbanism, and media internationally. Thomas’ research focuses on the historical, qualitative, and transformative attributes of architectural and urban spaces, with interest in the logical and sensory models and processes used in the production of spaces, and how these spaces then produce meanings and identities. His background in architectural theory, philosophy, and cultural studies inflects these investigations, which range across the spectrum of visible and invisible values forming and informing our spatial experiences. His work has also examined cinema and film theory, media-philosophy, other landscapes, and a teaching interest in hybrid and non-standard qualitative design-research methods. Thomas has published many books, articles, and essays. He plans to continue to write scholarly books while in the leadership position.

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