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Samuel Kosasih


Name: Samuel Kosasih

Occupation: Student

University: BINUS University

Telp/eMail: 081287775828 /


Short Biography:

 I’m Samuel, a young aspiring graphic designer currently residing in Jakarta, Indonesia. I’m in my late second year period of my studies in BINUS University, majoring in Creative Advertising under the School of Design Faculty. I love visual arts since I was a little, and I spent many times drawing, doodling, and sketching everywhere – from the usual drawing book, to my school textbooks, tissue papers, and digitally using tablets. But I find one particular tool to be the most interesting and versatile – which is pen. Since about entering university, I’ve tried to learn and hone my skills on using pen for drawing and illustrating – trying different techniques such as pointillism, cross-hatching, and more. Now, I’m pretty confident using pen for pouring out my ideas on mostly any subjects.

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