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Peter Ride

Peter Ride is the Course Leader for the Masters in Museums, Galleries and Contemporary Culture at the University of Westminster, United Kingdom. He has worked in a wide range of museums and arts organisations in the UK with a particular emphasis on photography and digital media. Graduated from the Australian National University and University of Westminster, Peter used to work in some cultural organisations, including the National Museum of Photography, Watershed Media Centre and the Photographers Gallery – where he developed a specialism as a curator working with photography. He also specialised in digital media and worked at Artec, the Arts Technology Centre, London and DA2 (Digital Arts Development Agency, Bristol). Peter devises new media projects and concentrates on curating online, devising projects with digital artists and organizing digital media exhibitions around the UK and internationally, in museums, galleries and festivals. His recent academic research is into multi-sensory visitor engagement in museums and looking at the way that digital media and interdisciplinary arts projects are presented within galleries and museums. Peter is the co-author, with Professor Andrew Dewdney, of the ‘Digital Media Handbook’.

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