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Narges Noori

narges noori

Name: Narges Noori

Occupation: teaching

University: Kabul University

Email: Narges.nuri@

Short Biography:

Narges Noori is a professor in Kabul University, fine arts faculty. She entered the world of art when she was 12, and got so much experience in drawing, painting, and sculpting. She could have many accomplishments in different art competitions, for instance, for two years in a row, she could achieve the first place in painting in drawing. Unfortunately, being an immigrant in Iran, she couldn’t participate in the competition around country. After high school, she decided to study Art in college, even though the society didn’t see Art as a valuable field. She participated in Art entrance university exam and got into one of the top universities in Iran, Ferdousi University. Starting her higher education, she already knew the practical skills she needed for her major, Graphic Design, which made her famous for her great drawing and illustration skills in the school. During her college education, she also managed to start a drawing exhibition. In. 2012 she graduated with a high GPA, and started working as a 2 dimensional sculpture designer. Even though she liked that job in Iran, it was always her passion to work for her own country and people, so she applied for IOM program to go back to Afghanistan. She got into the program and started her job in the Ministry of Urban Development. Later, she applied for a teaching position in Kabul University, and after a two stage competition, started her job as an instructor. Besides teaching, she is also a master program student. Being passionate about making a better Afghanistan, she believes that she should start with educating young kids, the future leaders of Afghanistan. For making that goal come true, she illustrates children’s books.

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