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Sheilla Puspita

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A tree is a witness for whatever happened around it. It still be there with “no matter what” attitude, keep growing, become bigger and bigger, and bring more advantages. As a tree, It create the world of innocent. It is about purity and sincerity. And it is also started in a Man.

The story behind:

I just plant a lemon tree, from the seed. When I saw it, it remind me that the tree will get bigger somehow. Then, It became my enlightment about how tree can be hundreds of ages. I am just curious, may be it was a war, may be it was a celebration, may be it was a peaceful years, but they still there.

Then, I just compare with people. Should we keep on moving forward to the good things even though in the bitterness, in the sadness, or bad situation? Or should we learn from the tree?


Purity and sincerity in value, feels so close with simplicity and basic matter. I just used a very simple and basic technique with vector and the font.


Sheilla Puspita

Bina Nusantara University

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As a lecturer, I just learn many things from my students. They make me think in a new way and giving a new perspective. Things that makes me who I am today, to enjoy the process of my artwork exploration.