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My World in A Jar

My World in A Jar

John Choi


These artworks are the top 10 artworks that are selected for printed display and will be published in Art + Magazine.


A world of innocence, an ideal world without crimes and hatred, can be created within people’s mind, your mind. Reflecting personal interpretation of utopia, this series of illustrations represents a small world in a jar that is filled with elements of love and joy metaphorically, such as flowers, moon, stars, clouds and flying hot air balloons. 

Beautiful mind is filled with things that reflect peace and love that can be shared with others. Labelled with only consonants of Hangeul (Korean alphabet), this jar can deliver a simple encrypted message that will only make sense to people in online communities who can understand the full sentence or a word out of these consonants.


John Choi

University of Canberra

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I am Creative, Passionate and innovative Graphic Designer with Korean cultural background. I’m a third year Graphic Design student at the University of Canberra and working as a freelance Graphic Designer in Canberra.

I love designing logos, posters, layouts and products designing.

I like watching movies, play games and travelling. These entertainment media and travelling are sources of my design inspiration along with my sudden inspirations and ideas during research or thinking process.