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My concept for all my artwork that I submit is a painting where there is no human in it, because I believe the only thing that make earth sick is human, almost everything that human did would always hurt earth and the other living beings, so in my painting all I paint is just animal and plants (in this painting I paint flower) I believe animals are more innocent than a human, because animal live based on their instinct and what more is that animals would never kill their own kind like we did, but I also believe that human could still fix what they did to earth, and if there’s innocent human, I believe that would be a baby, because a new born baby is like a blank canvas, newborn baby didn’t carry the sin from their parents, and what’s more baby would always smile to everyone who’s kind to him/her, so in one of my painting I drew a baby but I modified it a little, by drawing the baby using a tree, because a tree had some similarities to a baby, the trees will grow beautifully and firmly if they are being treated right and good, get a nutrition, have a good environment, etc. exactly the same as a baby, if the baby was taught right then I’m sure in the future he/she would be a person that is kind and good, new born baby is a light in this dark world, the only hope that could save humanity from extinction.

As for why I choose warm color for 2 of my painting, it’s because there’s so much going on today, like terrorism around the world and I want to tell the world that there’s still something that is beautiful and heartwarming, I do hope my message get through the viewers.

The story behind my painting began in the baby painting which represent the start of life, where they are still innocent and have no sin in them, then the dog painting which represent playful and happy feeling in life, and lastly the broken flower which represent the condition of earth is collapsing and began to crumble, the plant began to die slowly even if they did nothing wrong they still become a victim and die slowly, this painting also become the message I want to convey to viewers, I want to tell the world that we need to stop hurting the earth, we need to stop hurting the animals, and most of all we need to stop to hurting each others, by hurting the earth we also hurt ourselves, the earth could live longer without humans but humans couldn’t live long without the earth and everything inside it.



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My name is Benson, 18 years old boy I came from Indonesia and study in Binus University taking animation major, painting has become my passion since I was a kid, I’d always love to see a great painting and now I always want to create a good painting that can convey my message towards the viewers. I have been inspired by one artist named WLOP, I aim to be as good as him/her one day.