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Qiaoli LI & Mingsong Liu



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Sex is as natural as drinking water when you are thirsty, it is pleasure to give you the universe and he is free.We have no intention to please anyone,we just make myself happy ,do what i want to do,express what i want to express.You do not need a pretty face or have to please anyone with your appearance.Painting makes me travel to other words without even paying for a plane ticket!

Absorption of surrealism style of art with more exaggerated, weird expression, to create highly expressive illustration design work, with a witty humor in work attitude, thinking and attitude towards relationships.Sexology in Freud said, under the guide of carding sexual topics under the theoretical framework, through the present work, let a person, in the face to face the relationship, face special psychological and relationship, have a good social value and significance.As the saying says “The desire for food and sex is part of human nature.”It is the purpose that we want to express by the stipple and digital illustration.


Qiaoli LI and Mingsong Liu

Hubei University of Technology

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