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Feng Lisi, Xiao Yun, Wang Xintong


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Chinese Traditional Festival Spring Festival is based on the combination of the corporate culture of Taikang Insurance Group, with the expression form of illustration for Taikang Insurance Group Design for 2018 years of New Year gifts. According to Taikang culture to refine three key words “health”, “longevity”, “abundance”, around three major themes in the Chinese traditional culture to find the meaning of the idiom and the elements of the illustration design, the design and cultural implication of the combination of illustration design.

Will be “healthy” with “lively” this idiom expression, the main element for the Dragon and Tiger, explained as: brisk and vigorous, rich and angry. “Longevity” the illustration of the theme we have chosen is the Chinese commonly used to express auspicious words “pine crane Yannian”, the main elements for years of pine and Crane, both of which signify longevity, meaning healthy longevity. “Rich” the theme of the choice is the Chinese traditional auspicious pattern “more than years”, mainly by the Lotus and carp composition, “Lian” is “even” homophonic, “fish” is “more” homophonic, express people hope that every year auspicious, grain, rich more than.

We will pine Crane Yannian, lively and years more than three illustrations attached to the actual product, giving it new carrier, new features. Combine cultural attributes and product function attributes. Design the curtain, umbrella, red envelopes, pillow, sachet, disc, lollipop and other products around a series.


Feng Lisi, Xiao Yun, Wang Xintong

School of Arts & Design, Hubei University of Technology

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We are from Hubei University of Technology School of Art and design students, team members are: Xiaoyun, Fong Lis, Wang Xingtong, Xiaoyun is good at planning and creative point of collation, Fong Lis has a strong hand-painted skills, Wang Xingtong is better at software technology.

Actively participates in professional competitions during the undergraduate period, won the first prize of the Academy Award for the National Art and Design exhibition, the first prize of visual Communication, the Chinese college student computer Design competition, the Provincial Excellent award, the 2015 Hubei University Students Information Technology Innovation competition, the third prize of industrial design, the second next generation of Internet technology innovation Competition National Final Creative Group, etc.

We are a group of young people who love to design, we are exploring the future design at the same time also deep excavation of China’s outstanding traditional culture, we strive to be our design is perceived, so that the design is not only the appearance of gorgeous, but people can perceive products through the cultural connotations behind the product.