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Regine Indah


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make 3 artworks the first one is called For All Eternity, the second is You’ve Got a Friend in Me, and the third is Indescribable Feeling. I use poster color in all of my artworks because I love the bold vivid color that poster color have. These three artworks is all about the innocence of a child, but all of them is in a different aspects. There’s one about love, another one about nature, and the other one about freedom.


For All Eternity
Love starts with something so simple and innocent. It starts with just a simple hello and the innocence of wanting to know a little bit more about someone. Someone once said, a child’s love is so innocent and sincere, that they have one of the purest heart that was full of innocence. In this illustration I want to portray love of a child, that was so pure, innocent, and sincere that will last for all eternity. The couple is holding a single rose, the symbol of proposal and love. The rose is being held by both of them, which means the love is mutual and they are closing their eyes, enjoying their moment together. The pastel colored drawings surrounding the couple in the night represent their feelings of deluded in ecstasy.


You’ve Got a Friend In Me
In this artwork, I want to portray the friendship between a child and mother nature. I want people to remember that before we grow up and destroy our own world, once we were just a child — an innocent child that care about our world and wanted to do everything to protect and keep our world and mother nature save. The child is befriending the girl who is the symbol of mother nature and because of their friendship, their surroundings blossomed into an out of this world landscape.


Indescribable Feeling
This artwork is about freedom. When we were young, they said we can do anything we want to do, be where we want to be, and be whatever we want to be. Nowadays, we forgot about that feeling of having that freedom because of the social demand. I want to portray the range of a child’s dream and how big they are. The child is riding a carpet, flying above a beautiful landscape in the dawn, which is impossible to do in real life.


Regine Indah

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Hello! My name is Regine Indah, but you can call me Regine or Acil. I was born on November 10th 1996, so I’m 20 years old and I’m the youngest of three. I’m a student at Bina Nusantara University, studying Visual Communication Design. I choose Visual Communication Design as my major because one of my hobby is to draw or doodle little things and also because I want to learn more about typography, computer graphic, particularly illustration design. I want to be an illustrator when I graduate, so let’s just hope for the best.