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He Jiaqi

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The universe is the collective of all things, the unity of time and space. It is the material world that never depends on individual’s need and purpose.
A space without boundary, a time without beginning or ending. It is a varied but also unified.

Universe is a beyond our understanding,
a place that accept everything. It is an honest world where we are allowed to live our life and be ourselves.

Universe is a place where we can see, hear, and feel the world. It is actual but also virtual at the same time.
Universe is the world of innocence
that we live in.


He Jiaqi

School of Arts & Design, Hubei University of Technology

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Place of origin: Shanghai

I will introduce myself briefly. I ‘m 20 years old, born in Shanghai.

I’m a student in School of Arts & Design, Hubei University of Technology, major in Public Arts. In my opinion, art work should take a positive and serious attitude, a strong sense of creative and willingness to work hard is willing to fight; being sincere, careful, optimistic, prudent; good sense of innovation, including the spirit of cooperation, sometimes one piece of art work is made by several people. I think emotion plays an important role in art. The emotion in art is the aesthetic emotion, and it is a kind of emotion with human universality. Emotion is one of the important factors in the process of creating and accepting the motive of artistic activity.