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Creative Advertising Program

Visual Communication Department – School of Design

Binus University, Jakarta, Indonesia

Creative Advertising Program is providing creative education for future advertising people and preparing students to be able to creating design solutions for today¹s contemporary advertising industries. Students learn the creative aspects of advertising through hands-on studio work combined with a theoretical, strategic, and historical perspective. The courses such as marketing, psychology and ethics, have prepared to enrich and extend the understanding of advertising concepts and applications, as well as aesthetical principal of Visual Communication Design. To be more convincing, the students are prepared to be able to create portfolios that vividly demonstrate workmanships, creativity, conceptual insights, and attitudes of a professional design standard.

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Advertising Photography

Faculty of Multimedia Communications

Tomas Bata University in Zlin – Czech Republic

The Faculty of Multimedia Communications represents a unique type of higher education institution providing interdisciplinary education in media and communication studies, with visual arts and film. Graduates in Marketing Communications are ready to work in advertising and communications agencies, public relations, media, both in the profit and non-profit sectors. Graduates in Visual Arts are ready to become creative professionals working in film and animation studios or television companies, graphic design, industrial design, 3D design, visual communication, glass design, shoe and fashion design, advertising photography and spatial design. Students are given a high degree of freedom to implement their ideas and develop their creative abilities. Many of our students and members of staff have won numerous awards at international design and film competitions.

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