People Innovation Excellence


Submission Requirements

  • Artwork Submission must be in line with IAIF theme ‘THE WORLD OF INNOCENCE”
  • Participants are required to fill in submission form, provide CV and artwork’s concept.
  • Participant are required to send a set of visual art (minimum 3 Artworks in series: vertical, horizontal or in composition)
  • The choice of media and technique are vary, based on concept and story (can use manual illustration, drawing, painting, or digital media, photography, vector, etc).
  • Final artworks must be submitted in digital format/soft-copy (manual works need to be scanned or photographed)
  • Artwork must be submitted in A3 size (27,9 cm x 42 cm) and Hi-Res (300 dpi)
  • Artworks and required documents must be submitted to no late than 31 May 2017
  • All submission will be selected through curatorial process and the selected artworks will be announced by email and website
  • The selected artworks will be printed and exhibited in One Space Gallery, China
  • The selected artworks will also be published in 艺术+ (ArtPlus) Magazine, China
  • Unselected artworks will be displayed online in IAIF virtual exhibition that can be accessed worldwide


Download Submission Form    |    Artwork Submission

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