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Arif Priyono SA

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Inspired by our daily life, this set of artworks represents a long and tedious conversation in the society. The discourses comprise materials that are often useless and disturbing. Through social media, people compete to produce words; from conceptual and principled ones to the point of deceptions. Nowadays, digital platforms have replaced the world we live in. The war of words has become a contemporary culture in this virtual world. Unfinished Conversation tries to record this phenomenon by presenting it in an abstract way.—————————————————————————————————————————————–

Arif Priyono SA

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Bina Nusantara University

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Arif Priyono Susilo Ahmad, S.Sn., M.Sn aka Piyo, is a graduate of Visual Communication Design from ISI Yogyakarta (1996), and master of postgraduate program of ISI Yogyakarta (2013), started his career as a cartoon drawer of Eid card and then Became a design conceptor at Unique Intikreasi Jakarta in 1996. Although very interested in creative advertising, but more creative activity in the field of graphic design. His creative energy is spilled on his private studio, ASIMETRISDESAIN + Kudaponi, while his concentration now is teaching DKV at the School of Design Binus University, active in AIDIA (Association of Visual Communication Design Professionals of Indonesia), EXPLORA (renovation movement of design education in Indonesia), and ANTOLOGI ANOMALI ( The contemporary visual arts community).

Active participated in fine art and design exhibitions, and was awarded RBDI_ Reka baru Desain Indonesia from Ministry of Tourism and Economy Creative RI (2013).

His personal obsession: to be designpreuneur by designing inspirational creative products. Enthusiastic on the development of creativity and exploration in the field of visual communication design, especially implementation on the environment and SMEs. Motto: good design = design that benefits the community. For him, creativity is ‘tombo ati’ the harmony of human life and the way of goodness to a better future.