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About Us

“Intercultural Academic Illustration Forum” is a medium of communication between higher education institutions across cultures and nations that are involved in the learning process of illustration courses.

The existence of this forum is therefore expected to generate various activities among academic illustrators of different cultural background. Sharing experience through appreciation and collaboration on cross-cultural illustrations, we will get to know and respect each other deeper. The uniqueness of cultural backgrounds is supposed to be a part of diversified products that are intertwined and complement to each other.

In this forum, we invite all parties from various involved in academic illustration; both educators and students to get connected in the cross-cultural illustration projects.

This forum is also expected to be a bridge and a place to share illustration learning methods, process and styles from various higher education institutions around the world. Uniting the shards of differences (uniqueness through cross-cultural forum provides the foundation of improved understanding on good relations among countries.

Our first project is HOMETOWN illustration Exhibiton, a collaborative exhibition within 4 universities and 1 community, i.e. Bina Nusantara University, Cheung Kong School of Art & Design + Shantou University, Tomas Bata University, Kabul University, and Afganistan Association Calligraphy. Through this activities,we explore and share the uniqueness of our cultures and nations through illustration.

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